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Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Cole Hauser Paramount Network

It seems like just yesterday that Yellowstone began filming Season 4, but it was actually August, just before last season’s finale aired. Cut to now, and the Paramount Network series has already finished production. The show’s stars were quick to celebrate wrapping on Season 4, and after seeing all of their posts, I really cannot wait for it to premiere.

The third season ended with the fates of several characters very much uncertain, but one character undoubtedly alive heading into Season 4 is Cole Hauser’s Rip. Hauser posted a celebratory wrap post you can see here:

Cole Hauser, who has to stay in shape to play Rip, celebrated filming on Season 4 ending by mentioning the project he has lined up next after Yellowstone. Another cowboy in great shape is Forrie J. Smith, who plays Lloyd. Lloyd and Rip shared quite a few close moments last season as Rip asked Lloyd to be his best man at his wedding to Beth. Here is Smith celebrating Season 4 filming ending:

I cannot wait to find out what Lloyd gets up to in Season 4. Whatever happens, he will have the Duttons’ back, and that includes the family’s youngest member, Tate. Thankfully, the youngster did not get kidnapped last season and is safe heading into Season 4 after that cliffhanger. Tate’s portrayer, Brecken Merrill, celebrated filming on Season 4 coming to an end with this post:

It appears that Tate’s mom Monica will be rocking some side-swept bangs in Season 4, based on the third of Brecken Merrill's photos! Hopefully, Monica’s marriage to Kayce is as rock-steady as it was last season, even if their portrayers warned fans not to rest easy about their relationship. Will the bunkhouse have to seek revenge for the Duttons after what happened to Kayce? Here is Ian Bohen’s (Ryan) celebratory Yellowstone wrap photo:

I do wonder if the bunkhouse lost one of their own in Jimmy after seeing this picture of Ian Bohen and Denim Richards (Colby) on the set of Yellowstone. Only Season 4 holds the answer to that cliffhanger. Jimmy was the victim of his own bad decision making (thanks Mia!) and not the wave of violence that crashed over the Duttons through mysterious forces.

Ahead of Season 4 beginning filming, Yellowstone announced that it would film exclusively in Montana despite historically filming in Utah as well. However, Season 4 did ultimately film scenes in Texas. Nevertheless, one sight that viewers will most assuredly see next season is Chief Joseph’s Ranch, which stands in for the Dutton’s Yellowstone ranch. Check out their celebratory post below:

What a sunset! Visual wonders like that were hopefully of some comfort to Kevin Costner, who lamented what the hardest part of filming Season 4 would be. Nicole “Nic” Sheridan, the wife of Yellowstone’s co-creator Taylor Sheridan, celebrated her husband finishing production on Season 4 with this Instagram post:

Yes, you read that correctly. Taylor Sheridan’s wife referred to Season 4 as the “best” one “yet.” I am eager to find out what's in store, and so are many other Yellowstone fans. Time will tell if rumors that a certain character survived last season’s finale are true.

Hopefully, viewers will not have to wait long to find out who is after them when Yellowstone returns. Season 4 is currently expected to premiere during an undisclosed date in June 2021 after the winter/spring schedule airs. All three seasons of Yellowstone are now available streaming on NBCUniversal’s Peacock.

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