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Yellowstone is home to a lot of rivalries and grudges, and one of them is Beth’s with her brother Jamie. The Dutton siblings have been at it time and again throughout the series, but Season 3 so far has provided an unexpected respite. Could they ever get along? Kelly Reilly weighed in on the matter while speaking to CinemaBlend.

For two seasons, Yellowstone fans have watched as the tension between Beth and Jamie escalated. Meanwhile, the reason for what started Beth’s hatred of her brother has remained a mystery, although the cast has hinted at the truth finally getting revealed in Season 3. I asked Kelly Reilly if Beth and Jamie could ever have a cordial relationship, considering this secret past. To which Reilly told me:

I think there’s tremendous love there, right? I don’t think cordial, Beth has any interest in that. The short answer is I don’t think so. Not in this world. But I might be mistaken. I don’t know what road Taylor’s [Sheridan] going to take us on. He always surprises me. So, maybe. Maybe, there will be something, certainly not in this season. But maybe in the future, there is. I mean, I would love to see them heal some things if it just means to take the burden off her to forgive.

Jamie and Beth finally getting along would be amazing, but Kelly Reilly points out that would mean Beth forgiving Jamie for whatever he did. It is a secret that will hopefully get dragged into the light of day during Season 3. Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan has said that viewers will see a more in-depth exploration of the siblings’ relationship. The wait continues!

Another interesting aspect to the beginning of Kelly Reilly’s answer is that she mentions there being love between Beth and Jamie. Personally speaking, that was more evident during Yellowstone’s first season, whereas there is less closeness between them now. Last season saw things hit their roughest streak yet between the pair. As far as forgiveness goes, Reilly continued, saying:

For some forgiveness, I think is always a really powerful way that we can heal ourselves, and because I love her so much, I want her to be happy. [laughs] But that doesn’t create great drama, and this is making good drama, so I think to keep that alive in her makes stuff, for the time being anyway, and alive in him, keeps that tension and that great storytelling. And the truth is I’m not sure once you find out what occurred, I mean the tragedy of it is that it's all so, god I can’t say it. But it's just pretty tragic is what it is, yeah.

It sounds like Yellowstone fans may be in for some flashbacks. Or Beth could verbalize what happened between her and Jamie that was so bad that it has led her to say such awful things to him. That Kelly Reilly thinks there is room for forgiveness does indicate that Jamie did not do anything unforgivable. At least, I do not think so.

Interestingly, my theories for why Beth hates Jamie do leave the door open to some forgiveness possibly taking place. Or at least, they are scenarios where Jamie did not do anything purposefully heinous to Beth. When you think about Jamie’s reaction to his sister’s anger on Yellowstone, it seems he is somewhat clueless about what he did. Time will tell if he is as uninformed as he looks.

Tune in as Beth and Jamie’s relationship continues to develop when new episodes of Yellowstone air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. Season 3 will be airing airing fresh throughout this summer. If you want to see how Beth and Jamie have come to blows so far, you can watch the first two seasons when they become available on NBCUniversal’s upcoming streamer, Peacock. It launches nationally on July 15.

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