Mortal Kombat Review: A Whole Lotta Blood, And A Whole Lotta Dumb Release Date: Apr 23, 2021 Mortal Kombat Review [H]alf origin story and half total mess.
Wrath Of Man Review: Jason Statham And Guy Ritchie Reunite For A Solid Action Thriller For Adults Release Date: May 07, 2021 Wrath Of Man Review While it’s unfortunate that Wrath of Man’s intricate plotting doesn’t work out in the film’s favor, that’s not to say it’s an unenjoyable experience. Mike Reyes
Here Today Review: Billy Crystal And Tiffany Haddish Make A Cute Pair In An Ironically Forgettable Dramedy Release Date: May 03, 2021 Here Today Review It’s cute and passable, but also a movie that you won’t be able to identify from its title alone in a year’s time. Eric Eisenberg
Amazon’s Without Remorse Review: Kick Ass Action, Boiler Plate Tom Clancy Plot Release Date: Apr 30, 2021 Amazon’s Without Remorse Review [I]ts impressive cinematic qualities [are] somewhat muted by the usage of overused plot devices, but it is a thrilling experience and a spotlight for some great talent. Eric Eisenberg
Netflix’s The Mitchells Vs. The Machines Review: A So-So Family Comedy With Stunning Animation Release Date: Apr 30, 2021 Netflix’s The Mitchells Vs. The Machines Review Through and through it’s a beautiful movie, and while the reach of its story exceeds its grasp in some respects, what it accomplishes is more noteworthy than its issues. Eric Eisenberg
Netflix’s Thunder Force Review: An Original Superhero Comedy That Is Neither Original Nor Comedic Release Date: Apr 09, 2021 Netflix’s Thunder Force Review It takes forever to actually get going... and then when it does finally go fishing for a plot it winds up reeling in a boot. Eric Eisenberg
Voyagers Review: Lord Of The Flies In Space Never Leaves Its Orbit Release Date: Apr 09, 2021 Voyagers Review [W]hen Voyagers enters its second half it becomes more of a tired arguing match than an intriguing commentary. Sarah El-Mahmoud
Netflix’s Concrete Cowboy Review: Idris Elba’s Urban Western Manages To Feel Both Familiar And Fresh Release Date: Apr 02, 2021 Netflix’s Concrete Cowboy Review [W]hile it has a mostly traditional way about getting [its] messages across, the 30 percent that makes it stand out as unique counts for a lot. Eric Eisenberg
Godzilla Vs. Kong Review: Not Much Of A Franchise Capstone, But Definitely A Cool Monster Movie Release Date: Mar 31, 2021 Godzilla Vs. Kong Review It’s certainly not going to convert anyone who doesn’t already take pleasure in the storied genre, but those with an open mind will find plenty to appreciate. Eric Eisenberg
Nobody Review: Intense, Brutal Action Can’t Make Up For A Messy Screenplay Release Date: Mar 26, 2021 Nobody Review What starts out as interesting devolves into contrived and haphazard... Eric Eisenberg
The Courier Review: Benedict Cumberbatch Makes A Great Ordinary Man In Extraordinary Circumstances Release Date: Mar 19, 2021 The Courier Review Benedict Cumberbatch’s turn in The Courier is a particularly fascinating one, if not simply because of its effectiveness in showcasing a key depth in the star’s talent. Eric Eisenberg
HBO Max’s Zack Snyder's Justice League Review: DC Finally Knocks It Out Of The Park, Delivering A Definitive Experience Release Date: Mar 18, 2021 HBO Max’s Zack Snyder's Justice League Review Fans who have been waiting for this moment can rejoice, but there’s a good chance that some additional converts will be made along the way as well. Mike Reyes
Disney+'s Raya And The Last Dragon Review: A Brand New Disney Masterpiece Release Date: Mar 05, 2021 Disney+'s Raya And The Last Dragon Review Whether watched on the big screen, or streaming in one's living room, Raya and the Last Dragon simply needs to be seen. Period. Dirk Libbey