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Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Pleads To Fans To Stop Showing Up At His Home In Honest Video

A surprising encounter with fans Threw off Shazam's Zachary Levi.

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Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Director Promises He Won't Make Same Mistake From The First Movie

David F. Sandberg promises not to make the same mistake he did in the first Shazam!.

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A Surprising Shazam Character Has Been Confirmed For Fury Of The Gods

Wait, how does this person fit into the Shazam! sequel?

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Wait, Is Shazam 2’s Director Teasing A Cameo From The Rock’s Black Adam With New Set Photo?

Could Shazam 2's director be teasing a possible Black Adam cameo with his clever post?

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Shazam 2 Director Unveils New Costumes For Zachary Levi’s Hero And The Marvel Family

The Marvel Family is looking good in their new outfits for Shazam! Fury of the Gods!

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Shazam’s Jack Dylan Grazer Calls Fury Of The Gods His ‘Redemption’ For Freddy

The actor behind fan-favorite Freddy Freeman spoke about what it's like to return to the DCEU character.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Response To Zachary Levi Photo With Black Adam Star Aldis Hodge Is A+

Zachary Levi and Black Adam's Aldis Hodge got together, and Dwayne Johnson's response was so on brand.

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Will Shazam 2 Feature A Real Henry Cavill Superman Cameo? Here’s What The Director Said

Could fans get the chance to see Superman's head in a Shazam movie for a change?

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Cruella’s Mark Strong Talks About Why It’s More Fun To Play The ‘Bad Guy’ In Movies

The actor famously from Shazam! and Kingsman shares why he loves playing villains.

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Shazam 2 Will Not Feature Mark Strong's Dr. Sivana, And He Tells Us Why

Shazam!'s original baddie isn't coming back, and he's revealed why that's the case.

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The Flash Movie: 7 Other DC Superheroes We Hope Appear

Is having two Batmans enough for The Flash movie?

How To Watch The DC Movies In Order

There are two ways to digest the DC Extended Universe, and here you'll learn about both!

Deadpool 2 And 5 Other Funniest Superhero Movies

Superhero movies can be funny too. That's why they're based on comic books.

Shazam’s Zachary Levi Is Back In The Gym For Fury Of The Gods And There’s Video

Shazam!'s Zachary Levi is getting ready for the sequel by hitting the gym.

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DC Director Took A Note From Hugh Jackman's Logan To Tie Shazam To Zack Snyder's Films

David F. Sandberg took a note out of Marvel's playbook for his DCEU film.

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Henry Cavill Was Supposed To Play Superman In Shazam! After All, According To The Director

It turns out that Shazam!'s awesome Superman appearance could have been even better.

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Shazam! Director’s Response To The Rock’s Ripped Black Adam Picture Is A+
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The Funniest Superhero Movie Cameos (Not Counting Stan Lee)

Who could be a funnier superhero cameo actor than Stan Lee?

Shazam! Director Jokes About A Costume Change For DC Hero And We Can’t Look Away
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Shazam! Director Responds To Concern Over Young Cast’s Age As Fury Of The Gods Is Pushed Back
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