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That Time Quantum Of Solace Pulled An Iron Man And Started Shooting The James Bond Movie Without A Script

Quantum of Solace started its life with quite possibly the shakiest foundation possible.

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The Mandalorian And 11 Other Jon Favreau Movies And Shows To Stream Online

If you're craving something made by Jon Favreau, or that he acted in, look no further than right here, from Iron Man to Swingers.

Benedict Cumberbatch Recalls The Amazing Iron Man Insult He Improv’d And How It Played With Audiences

Doctor Strange and Iron Man originally butted heads, and Benedict Cumberbatch improvised one of the best lines.

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Every Marvel Movie To Date, Ranked

We've taken a look back at the entirety of the big screen Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Shang-Chi and ranked them from worst to best.

Kevin Feige Reveals The ‘Biggest Risk’ Marvel Studios Took, And How It Paid Off

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige attributes this risk as one of the main reasons the MCU has been so successful.

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A Spider-Man: No Way Home Toy Has Me Worried The Movie Will Continue An MCU Mistake

Spider-Man fans have had a major complaint... and Spider-Man: No Way Home may continue it.

James Gunn Makes A Great Point After Viral Post Says Robert Downey Jr. Isn’t The Only Fit For Iron Man
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5 Marvel Characters Tom Cruise Would Be Perfect To Play

Could Tom Cruise go from the Impossible Mission Force to becoming an Avenger by joining the Marvel movies?

Iron Man Robert Downey Jr.'s Next Post-MCU Role Will Be His First TV Show Since Ally McBeal

Without any more Iron Man performances in his future, Robert Downey Jr. is heading back to TV.

Marvel’s Robert Downey Jr. Talks What’s Next After Leaving The MCU And The Long Year At Home

Robert Downey Jr. seems very happy and invigorated by his post-MCU life.

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The MCU's What If...? Trailer Has Wild Takes For Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther, The Avengers And Even Marvel Zombies
Of Course, There Are Tons Of Harry Potter Tattoos, But I'm Surprised By Some Of The Other Movies That Have Inspired The Most Ink
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Robert Downey Jr. Talks Gwyneth Paltrow’s Struggles To Shift Away From Acting During Iron Man 1, And Why His Post-Marvel Journey Has Been Different
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Marvel’s What If…? Episode Seemingly Spoiled By LEGO Set

Did Marvel's What If...? series already get spoiled by a LEGO set?

Iron Man’s Clark Gregg Reveals When He Knew The First MCU Movie Would Be A Hit

It's still amazing to think about everything that has grown out of the 2008 Marvel blockbuster.

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New Details On Iron Man's Makeover In Disney+'s What If Have Been Revealed

We now have more details on this new What If...? interpretation of Iron Man.

The Awesome Iron Man-Inspired Gift Shemar Moore Bought Himself After His First Criminal Minds Pay Raise
Robert Downey Jr. Pays Tribute After Marvel Crew Member And Right Hand Man Jimmy Rich Dies
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How Robert Downey Jr. Celebrated Avengers: Endgame's Two-Year Anniversary
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Marvel Fans Had Some Major Thoughts About That 'Bring Tony Stark Back To Life' Billboard

Some fans apparently want Marvel to bring back Tony Stark, but how did everybody else feel about that?

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