Ryan Reynolds has had a long and successful career as an actor, recently becoming a powerful producer and business owner as well. And while he’s best known for bringing Deadpool to life on the big screen, his superhero career had humble beginnings with DC’s ill-fated Green Lantern movie. And Reynolds had a hilarious description of that movie when reflecting on meeting wife Blake Lively.

Green Lantern shot back in 2010, and featured Ryan Reyolds and Blake Lively playing romantic scene partners before they’d actually become a couple IRL. Reynolds recently opened up about that unique time in his life, and how he and Lively went from friends to life partners. Reynolds poked fun at Green Lantern, saying:

I met Blake on the darkest crease in the anus of the universe called Green Lantern. And we were friends and buddies and then, about a year and a half later, we actually went out on a double date, but we were dating separate people.

While Ryan Reynolds is always happy to poke fun at Green Lantern, referring to the infamous blockbuster as the “darkest crease in the anus of the universe” is a new, colorful way of throwing shade at his first superhero flick. And while it’s clear Reynolds wasn’t happy with how his run as Hal Jordan went down, meeting his future wife is definitely reason enough to be happy Green Lantern happened.

Ryan Reynolds opened up about meeting Blake Lively while appearing on the podcast Smartless, which is hosted by Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman, and Will Arnett. Bateman specifically asked Reynolds about meeting his future wife on the set of Green Lantern, perfectly setting up the Deadpool star to jab his DC appearance.

It’s true that Green Lantern didn’t end up being the franchise-starting hit that Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds no doubt hoped it would be. Since then the actor has often poked fun at the ill-fated movie, most notably in Deadpool 2’s wild finale which featured the Merc with the Mouth killing Reynolds before he could sign on to play Green Lantern.

Later in that same interview, Ryan Reynolds opened up about how his friendship with Blake Lively eventually grew into something more romantic. The timing for the two eventually worked out, as Reynolds explained:

We hung out and kind of, you know, we always kind of kept in touch but sort of casually. And then next thing you know, she was going to Boston. I was going to Boston. So I was like, 'I’ll ride with you.’ We got on the train and rode together and then I was just begging her to sleep with me.

And just like that, one of Hollywood’s most iconic power couples was born. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been together for years, getting married in 2012 before having three daughters together. And to think, none of that would happen if it weren’t for the Green Lantern movie being shot and released-- warts and all.

Ryan Reynolds’ next movie is Free Guy on August 13th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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