It’s been over a decade since Robert Pattinson's Edward and Kristen Stewart’s Bella confessed their secrets to one another in a gloomy forest in Twilight, and it remains a prevalent phenomenon. And, well… Edward really did all the dirty work, dirty little secret-wise. But thanks to a sharp-eyed fan of the movies, a fun fact about Bella has resurfaced on TikTok of all places.

The mobile sharing act contains many multitudes. While an entire side of TikTok has been putting together a musical for Ratatouille that is actually soon coming to life, another side has been geeking out, creating parodies and tributing Twilight all year, especially in light of Stephenie Meyers’ release of Midnight Sun. One TikTok user recently made a deleted scene available in the extended cut of the 2008 movie get some major attention. Check it out:


ok so first of all my voice is way too calm in the beginning for how insane this scene is & 2nd...EDWARDS FACE LITERALLY DID THE ???????????? #twilight #fyp

? original sound - smokey

Wait, what? Over the years, one of the most prevalent points of contention about Twilight has been regarding Bella’s personality. To many, she’s a one-note, clumsy character who is hellbent on dying and becoming a vampire after looking into Edward’s yellow eyes. But as one TikTok user hilariously points out, she has more to her than one may think. If you're perplexed, let’s slow it down with the exact quote Bella says while visiting Edward at his home and shaking a rainstick:

I used to make these. Rainsticks. I had a chinchilla and me and my mom used to make these out of the chinchilla’s droppings and like, paper towel rolls. Maybe that’s weird?

Uhhh… hard yes. Just got to be clear here, because this is a lot of new information to process: Bella Swan used to make rainsticks with her mother using a paper towel roll as the holder for chinchilla poop, which she would place inside the paper roll and slosh around to make the rain sounds. What… the… Twilight? Now, that certainly solves the “Bella is uninteresting” problem; now I need a prequel book about Bella’s childhood, because that’s just wild.

From my recollection of the book itself, there was no word of this. It was a scene that was clearly filmed for the movie but removed for the theatrical cut and then re-inserted for the extended version. The TikTok has become so massive that @honeydxo has posted a number of additional scenes from the Twilight movies that are only in the extended versions. For one, check out this wild scene of James and Victoria making out and Laurent high-key judging them:


Reply to @emi_ann8519 I woke my boyfriend up trying to make this one ????

? original sound - smokey

There’s also a hilarious scene in New Moon where Bella roasts Edward for not having any friends and another one in Breaking Dawn Part 2 where Rosalie Cullen serves Jacob hot dogs in a dog bowl because she’s passive aggressive obviously. The Twilight movies are a gift that keeps on giving. The Twilight saga is currently available on Amazon Prime. Kristen Stewart is currently the star of a new romance called Happiest Season, and Stephenie Meyer reportedly has plans to write more Twilight books.

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